Update from Edmonton!

First off, let me just say, it is fucking cold here. 

Also, I wish Brendon was here because everyone is so disappointed he is not. I don’t blame them, he’s a pretty swell guy. 

Ok, so I don’t really wanna type out stories of what has already happened, because most of the people who actually read this blog already know all about them because they were involved. So instead, I am just going to make a list of all the exciting things.

– The earliest I’ve gone to bed while in E-town was 3:00 a.m. Mostly though, I’ve been up until at least 4.

-I almost froze to death whilst trying to catch a cab at the wee hours of the morning. 

– I’ve seen my loves Shea, Alysha, and Becky and had lots of fun with all, and I’ve also gotten to catch up with Justin, Vlad, Oey, Julian, Brandon, Jordan and I got to meet Becky’s feller Allan. 

– I caught Janet making out in a car

– I failed at gingerbread

– ummm I know there’s more but I already forget. 

So I am going to share some really old and really funny pictures I found on the computer at home. 









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