Hello Winter Break!

I have been waiting for you, it is so nice to finally be acquainted. Is it not wonderful to be able to wear only a sweater and grow plants and have it be +15 degrees in the middle of December? And to be done school, and to finally be rid of the worst pod in the history of ECU. I am so unlucky, I feel cheated. Next semester I will have classes with better people NOT all involved in a “we’re from Ontario” clique. Thanks guys, I think you’ve all convinced me that I NEVER want to go to Ontario. Anyways Winter Break, welcome into my life, I promise to cherish you for these next few weeks. Love from Lisa

Hello to the rest of you too! I finished my last class today –> here is my last project for that class! (That class being CP). This project was a community walk in which we in some way documented our surroundings. I took pictures. Obviously. I found it really exciting that I can find natural color here in the middle of December, and everything is not white or brown like in Alberta, so I based my project around color. 

finalThere it is all up on the wall. It looks kinda bad because its a picture of pictures. I’ll post some of my favorites from the set below so you can see them better. Each pic has alot of detail and texture. I took all these pictures within a block of my apartment. Its pretty exciting. I personally find macro photography really boring though, even though I know some people really like. Its not really my thing, but it was cool to experiment with. Macro shots are too easy I think is the problem. 

img_4583Here is some flowers I took a picture of and put in the blue row if you can see in the whole thingy. 

img_4577This is from the yellow messages they paint into roads. I obviously put it in the yellow row.

dscf7070Some sort of neat vegetable.

img_4539Purple berries! Not gunna lie, these were really really pale purple, so I punched up the color a bit. I think it looks kinda cool though, like the berries are glowing. Like little berry lanterns.


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Drawing final project!

So, as promised I have been working hard in all my classes and am almost done! I wrote my Visual Culture final on tuesday and I think it went well! I also handed in my final essay for english and wrote my final in-class essay today. I’m not going to post the essay obviously, unless you all would really like to read a comparison between Franz Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony” and Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”. Boring.

But, here is my final drawing project! We had to make 3 drawings using any technique we wanted within certain categories. 




These all scanned kinda funny, I promise they’re better in real life. Considering drawing is just not my thing, I am pretty happy with them.

Also, I got a membership to the Van Art Gallery today, and I will tell you all about it later because it is 3 in the morning and I am tired.

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Story Time!

OK, so I guess I should start at the begining. 

On thursday I got off school a little early, so I stopped off at Rogers to pick up Brendon from work. He was ready to go, so we left right away for home. We got on the elevator, got up to the 11th floor, and then… nothing happened. The doors didn’t open, we pushed all the buttons and pushed on the door but no dice. We were trapped. We called the emergency line, and they called the building managers who couldn’t fix the problem so they dispatched a mechanic. In the mean time the managers came up to see if we were o.k. She let slip during our through the door conversation that this elevator had trapped 3 OTHER PEOPLE in the past week. WHY THE FUCK IS IT NOT SHUT DOWN THEN. So I figured that after this 3rd incident, they would close it until it got fixed properly. So anyways we say in this elevator for 45 minutes (which is a little scary, knowing that you’re suspended 11 stories up in a tiny, tiny room which you can’t get out of. ) and we drank the starbucks coffee that I had and read “In The Penal Colony”. Finally the elevator started moving and we went up then down than back up before it let us off. When I went downstairs later, I saw that the elevator was in use again, so I figured that because the mechanic had come to save us, they had probably fixed whatever the problem was too. 

SO last night was saturday night, and I take a break from my intense essay writing and exam studying to go to a friend from work’s B-day party. It was in Kitsalano which was pretty cool because I hadn’t been over that way before. I want to live in that area. Anyways, we went to a Mexican place for Margaritas and such, but I didn’t know anyone except the birthday boy, and I was pretty shy. Plus the place was really loud and I couldn’t even hear half of what everyone was talking about, it wasn’t much fun. I went out for some fresh air at one point and the guy I knew was out there having a smoke. We talked for a couple minutes, but then he turned his head and just threw up everywhere. It wasn’t really a big deal, I just turned around and let him do his thing. It was probably just eating too much mexican food combined with a couple margaritas. I think he was really embarrassed though, he wouldn’t look me in the eyes the rest of the night. 

When it came time to leave, there wasn’t enough room in the cab for everyone, so I volunteered to take the bus because I seriously don’t mind bussing and everyone else seems to have this big problem with it. The only problem is that I got off at the wrong bus stop to get there and had to walk like 10 blocks. (Where on my walk this one homeless dude harassed me to smoke a joint with him. I was like “sorry man, I am really late so I gotta go” and I ran away really fast. I should have told him that it’s not a habit of mine to smoke up with creepy homeless guys) Needless to say though, I could not find a bus stop because I had NO idea where I was. I walked the wrong way entirely, and finally ended up near Granville island, so I walked along the bus route but none came, so I had walked all the way from Kits to Granville island. I called bus link and no bus was coming for 40 minutes, so I ended up just walking home. It was a long walk. 

I stop at Rogers again to get my keys from Brendon so I can go home, I’m tired and sad I had a bunk night. I go home to relax and wait for B to bring home some movies. I get into the elevator and GET STUCK AGAIN. On the 11th floor. This time I’m all alone. I try to call the emergency people with the phone in the elevator but I guess its after hours and there’s no answer. I was SO lucky I had my cell phone on me, I usually don’t carry it with me because Brendon uses it too and its with him most of the time. But I called 911 and they sent the fire department and then I called Brendon at work and cried for a couple minutes. The firemen got there pretty quick, but couldn’t get me out. The fiddled around for about half an hour, and Brendon got home within that time and stood outside the door talking to me. Finally they took a huge crowbar to the door and got me out. I was so pissed, I am never taking that elevator again. Ever. 

I want to move really bad.


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Only 29 days ’till Xmas!

So everyone needs to send me a Christmas list.

Get it got it good.

I can’t believe that I only have two more weeks until I’m done my first term of University. I am looking forward to the break. But I have lots of exciting final projects so keep your eyes out! I’ll post them here as I finish them.

Also, my life is now complete. Yesterday Brendon successfully downloaded Cosmic Osmo and Shufflepuck for me!!! I am in retro gaming heaven, I haven’t played either of those games since we had our old-ass mac when I was like 6. I can’t wait to play shufflepuck and get that fucking alien drunk. That was like my favorite thing when I was little. Also, level in Cosmic Osmo with the stuff in the fridge you can click on. So excited to go home and play that tonight.

cosmic-osmocapture003Did anyone else play thing game? Just me? You remember right Mom?

1991_cyancosmicosmo_animation_spaceThe Swab button is the best

shufflepuck_cafeThe whole gang from Shufflepuck Cafe. That death guy and the robot were the hardest. That guy just peeking over the edge of the screen was super easy. I think its because he was to short to see the table.

shufflepuckHeres the drunk alien. Every time you score he drinks. I think now when I play this I will join in with him, like a drinking contest with the computer. Funny. Of course if I had a paddle like that I would never have to drink.

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Brendon came to school with me today 😀

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I’ve been pretty bad about updating my blog lately, so I’m going to try and get better! Becky is gone now, I took her to the airport on Monday. I bet she was excited to see Allan. 

Other than that, I’ve been doing lots of school work. I have this one really frustrating group project with like the dumbest people in my class. (I was unlucky in the group draw). Anyways the worst is the girl, she’s super self centered and I don’t think she’s ever had an original idea in her life. She was just gifted with great drawing skills, but she pretty much just copies other peoples work. Anyways she wanted to do some sort of performance piece where me and Wei (who is cool but way too anal for me to work with) like walked around her and she was the center and would just stand there and look pretty. This coming from the girl whose previous piece had just been pictures of herself wearing different styles of nice makeup. Dumbass. Anyways we’ve had an impossible time getting along, and I haven’t even seen her part yet, all I know is its some kind of movie. I have my part all figured out though.

thewindowwebsizSo I got this window printed really big, and when you put it on the wall (espec. in a room with no windows like my C.P room) it looks really cool, like you’re looking out. I’m going to show it with a binaural beat (which is like a certain frequency of noise that targets certain areas of your brain). It will be interesting for sure. 

Next up: Design class. First we made sculptures out of repeating objects. Then we had to make patterns out of a photo of that object. It was fun and I FINALY got to show off my computer skills. I ain’t no good with sculptures, I’m too clumsy. Anyways, I made about a thousand different patterns and color combos, but here are my favorites. 

websizepatterntriad1You may notice that I am using this one as my header now. I just like the colors and the pattern is pretty sweet, it reminds me of a really colorful and badly put together brick wall. Or wrapping paper. 

websizepatternmono1Same thing but with monotone color. It looks way different eh?

websizepatternmoneyshotAnd here is the photo I made the patterns from


Thats all folks!


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With miles to go before I sleep

Well its been a crazy crazy week. I picked Sam up from the airport on Saturday, wrote an essay like a mad woman on Sunday, picked Becky up on Monday and partied hard. Visited the Vancouver aquarium on Tuesday and stared at these GIGANTIC fish they have there for like hours. Then Sam, Brendon, Becky, and I went shopping on Robson Street, got coffee, went shopping (Brendon and Becky both came home with a couple bag fulls of loot). I couldn’t find anything I wanted. I’ve been having trouble shopping lately. Its partly because I have a savings reflex that forbids me from buying anything unless its absolutely necessary. Then, when I actually do need something, like a new jeans or a bra, I can’t bring myself to buy it because I have nothing nice to wear it with. All my stuff it crap because I haven’t bought anything new in so long. I just need to do a total overhaul, but I am so poor I’m surprised I can afford to eat. It’s pretty frustrating when all your shoes have holes, the bums of all your jeans are worn out, you sweaters are ratty and faded, your socks have become toe-less, your bra is a size too small because you broke your good one when you put in on angrily. Oh man. I think I am going to have to start selling drugs to buy some new clothes. Or I could just save a bit of money from each paycheque for a new stuff fund. Thats probably more practical.

The point of all this though is that I’ve had a crazy week full of beer and movies and adventures and not much sleep at all. I hand in my essay today, and then present my creative process project tomorrow, and that should be the end of my stress. Smooth Sailing. That is until finals start in 3 weeks.

Also, I register for spring classes tomorrow! Yay I finally get a photo class and I won’t have to be the (second) worst kid in drawing class anymore!

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